The DropZone WebRing

The DropZone WebRing is for anyone with a skydiving homepage.
Any discipline and level - any quality.
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What is a WebRing?

A WebRing is a free service provided by the WebRing Organisation which "allows web sites with similar interest to form 'rings' of sites, allowing netizens a fast and efficient way to find content and a great way for sites to build traffic and gain exposure."

Isn't there a skydiving WebRing already?

There certainly is. Willem Grobler, also known as Sangiro, runs the excellent Skydive WebRing.

So, why do we need another one?

Well, Sangiro's WebRing is too excellent! When I submitted my skydiving webpage to the ring, it was rejected for being "a bit thin on content." Not only did I feel this was unfair, but, to me, it completely contradicts the purpose of a WebRing; to enable one to navigate through as many related web-sites as possible.

By setting up this WebRing, I in no way intend to be disrespectful to Sangiro. He has done an excellent job with his WebRing and for Internet skydiving resources in general. I am just trying to justify why I have created another skydiving WebRing. I wish I hadn't needed to start another skydiving webring; I wish me could have all been a member of the same one. Anyway, if you feel that your site is more suited to Sangiro's ring then please feel free to try and join.

Having said that, I think you should read this. Written by Darin Ninness, it is a prime example of why you shouldn't be a member of Sangiro's ring.

Sounds like a good idea to me. How do I join?

  1. Create your skydiving page(!)

    • Duh!

  2. Add your site

    • In return, you will receive an email confirming that you have joined the WebRing queue. This email also contains the the HTML 'fragment' which defines the navigator, already pre-configured for your .

  3. Put the DropZone Ring navigator on your page

    • This is where you can grab the HTML if you can't wait for the confirming email and you want to do-it-yourself. Don't forget to replace the six instances of ___RING_ID_HERE__ or to download the images.

  4. Notify me and I'll put you in the ring

    • I am automatically notified when you submit your site to the ring but it wouldn't hurt to say hello!

Who can apply to join the DropZone WebRing?

Anyone! As long as you have a page on your website dedicated to skydiving. I don't care if you are a one jump wonder or a skygod with a year's accumulated free-fall time. Belly-flyers, CReW dogs, chute-assis, free-fly, head-down, surfers, tandems, clubs, associations, dropzones, manufacturers are all welcome. Did I miss anyone out?

How many sites are currently in the ring?

46! You can see all the sites by looking at the index.

I don't like your WebRing navigator. Do I have to use it?

No. I'm not an artist - I'm a programmer ergo, I have no style! Please feel free to make changes to the layout of the navigator and the images within. All I ask is that you tell me about the change so that they can be offered for use by other members of the ring. Some people have suggested that the "- any quality." part of the navigator could be omitted. I have no objection if that is how you feel.

Which are the most popular sites in the DropZone WebRing?

Those nice people at have thoughtfully provided a statistics facility.

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